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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: What is CystAlien Conflict Offline Edition?

A: The CrystAlien Conflict Offline Edition is simply the game from Lego.com (no longer available), made into an offline version so that you can continue to have fun and play the game even after it's long gone... The Offline Edition also adds a few other "features" not originally available. Offline means that after you have downloaded it once, you won't need to download it again, you'll be able to play it whenever you want on your computer, no internet connection required.

Q: Did you re-make the game?

A: No, I simply downloaded a copy of the game from Lego.com, and then made it into an application for offline use.


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CrystAlien Conflict Offline Setup


CrystAlien Conflict Offline Installer!

This setup installs version 1.0 on your computer. (Game version 6.5)




(Game v6.5)


Also check out the latest Crystalien Redux Project development on Google Code:


Having Problems? Troubleshooting:


If you run the program on some computers, it may not work! 

This is most likely because your computer is 64-bit and a file called "flash.ocx" is missing!

To fix this: Download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player for Internet Explorer, found here:




The CrystAlien Conflict Offline Edition Windows Application was programmed by Leveleditor6680. 

*Please note, the actual game was created by 4T2 Multimedia for Lego.com! 



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